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Your Spring Bridal Beauty Timeline Leading to your Big Day

Your Spring Bridal Beauty Timeline Leading to your Big Day

Spring is in the air! Soon springs flowers will bloom, and the temps will start to warm. Exciting, right? Well, to most this sounds endearing, but if you are a spring bride images of pastel florals and Easter themes may be overshadowed by all the looming tasks left on your list of wedding to do’s.


 Between seating charts and first dance song selections, you’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about the beauty tasks, so we figured we could help with another way to avoid wedding day stress. Here’s your last-minute Elite timeline for all things bridal beauty so you will look and feel your most beautiful self ever on your wedding day.

 Two months before

  • Test out tanning options. You don’t want to wait for this task. Starting early ensures that you won’t get stuck with a color you’re not proud to wear.

  •  Make an appointment to see an eyebrow specialist for shaping. Working on shaping those fine hairs above the eye now, gives them plenty of time to grow back and start over if you don’t like the outcome.

  • If you haven’t booked your hair and makeup trials, it’s not too late. Book your appointment with us here.

  • Talk to your dentist about teeth whitening or begin an at-home regimen for enhancing your pearly whites.

  • If you’re thinking about making a dramatic change to your hair color for the wedding, this is the time to try it out. Figure out your desired hair color and work out a plan with your color specialist. This gives your plenty of time to grow it out or change the hair color before the Big Day.

 Two weeks before

  • Touch up roots on your hair color. This is optional and depends on the color and the process. It’s best to consult your color specialist for customized instruction for keeping your strands flawless for your special day.

  • Exfoliate your entire body 2-3 times a week. Slough off dead skin and reveal your natural glow all over.

 One week before

  • Start eating healthy from here on out. Cut sodium to beat bloating and start eating clean to boost your metabolism.

  • Zen out with yoga and meditation to reduce your stress. Extra stress leaves your skin vulnerable to break outs. This important tip is sure to help keep your zit-free on your wedding day.

  • Make appointments for all your waxing needs, brows, legs, lip, and bikini line, etc.

Congratulations, your big day is almost here, and you have everything needed to look your best self. Ready to book your bridal beauty trial with Elite Secrets? Click here for your appointment. 

5 Insider Tips for Staying Comfortable on Your Wedding Day


5 Insider Tips for Staying Comfortable on Your Wedding Day


All the blogs and magazines share tips for looking flawless on your wedding day but rarely do we talk about how to feel great on your big day…especially when you’re wearing a beaded gown with layered of tulle and tons of hairspray. To ensure you’re as comfortable as you are beautiful, take LaTonya’s tips for enjoying your day with fidgeting or readjusting a thing.

Bypass too-tight shapewear

Squeezing yourself in shapewear that is too small is not worth the agony…seriously. Yes, you will cinch in an inch or two, but you won’t be able to sit, eat or (most importantly) dance comfortably. Besides, you’ll look gorgeous without it and feel much, much better.

Save the lingerie for your honeymoon

While it might seem sweet to wear sexy lingerie under your gown, it may not be worth the discomfort—especially if you’re getting married during the summer. Plus, after dancing and just general wear, you’ll likely want to change into something fresh before your wedding night officially gets under way.

Unzip when you can


If you’re wearing a corset top dress, have someone undo your dress for the ride to the ceremony, especially if you have a long trip. You’ll likely be nervous and sweating more than usual anyway so being all zipped up into your dress might get uncomfortable. Have your maid of honor or stylist help you secure your dress before you walk down the aisle.

Bring a cover up

If there’s even a chance of a breeze or low temperatures, make sure you have something that you can wrap yourself up in. You don’t want to shiver during your pictures (they always take longer than you think!) or at the end of the night when you’ll want to continue visiting with guests in the night air. Bring along a wrap or a cute shawl to wear over your wedding dress.

Pack a backup pair of shoes

Even if your shoes are comfortable, standing in heels all day will take its toll on anybody. Bring a pair of comfortable flats or slippers so you can swap out your heels when needed. By the time your reception comes around you will thank me.

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5 Important Things EVERY BRIDE Must do to Look Your Best on the Big Day


5 Important Things EVERY BRIDE Must do to Look Your Best on the Big Day


5 Important Things EVERY BRIDE Must Do to Look Your Best on the Big Day 'How to look great on my wedding day?' is a thought that runs in the mind of many brides. The truth is, it is not rocket science - and it all boils down to a couple of important wedding day makeup, hair and dress tips you need to follow.

Speaking of which, we are outlining the best ones for making your look absolutely flawless - below.

1. Strike a Pose In Front Of Your Mirror

It may sound silly, but knowing where your hands are at all times during your wedding, and what your pose is, can be actually helpful. The best way to practice it is in front of the mirror, by trying each celebrity pose.

Oh, and did you know that some poses can make you 10 pounds lighter in front of the camera? Grab a friend and have them help you out!

2. Have a Professional Apply Your Makeup

Just because you have a bridesmaid who knows how to apply makeup, that doesn't mean that she will do a great job on your wedding day makeup.  Most likely she will have a lot going on and things to do that day to get herself ready. You won't be her center of attention, and your makeup may suffer because of it.  A professional makeup artist makes it his or her job to make sure that the bride is the most important face of the day!

3. Learn How to Work your Face for the Camera

Double chins are the enemy of every bride. In case you don't know what it is, it's the pose when you are looking down, and your chin is doubling and colliding with your neck. They can make even the slimmest of women look bad in pictures.

The best way to prevent a double chin from happening on your wedding photos and videos is to always move your head forward. Just make sure you are not looking at the ceiling or making awkward poses, right?

4. Embrace The Beauty Of Laughter

Sometimes, the best wedding photos are the ones where you and your friends laugh. Fake smiles are not flattering for sure - however, the same cannot be said for fake laughs. So, next time when you want to relax - let out a forced 'Ha! Ha!' - and do it again, again and again.

The results? Natural photos that everyone loves!

5. Buy The Dress, The Shoes And The Accessories

Be sure to purchase your attire in the right order. First buy the dress, next select the shoes, and lastly the accessories. That way is the easiest to follow and the most hassle-free choice to go for. And remember - always choose your wardrobe wisely. Try not to get caught up in the trend of the moment, but instead focus on your personal style and what flatters you most.

Looking for the perfect dress? We’ve got you covered. Join us at Elite Secrets Bridal on April 21 and 22 for the Justin Alexander trunk show. Click the box below to make your appointment today! You don't want to miss this! 

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7 Things You Need to do Now to Get Flawless Skin Before the Big Day


7 Things You Need to do Now to Get Flawless Skin Before the Big Day


Do you want your skin to naturally glow on your wedding day? The truth is, healthy and glowing skin can be the best jewelry you can ever wear - not only on your big day. And whether your big day is as far as a few months from now - or as soon as a week from tomorrow - it's time to learn the best tricks in making your skin flawless and aisle-ready.

So, how do you get a beautiful skin on your wedding day without the need for tons of makeup?

1. Know Your Skin Type and Tailor to it

The first thing you need if you want flawlessly glowing skin is to know your skin type. Determine if your skin is normal, oily, dry or a combination. If you don't know this by now, you should definitely take this quiz and see what type of skin you have. And, why is this important?

Well, it will help you in the selection of products and remedies before your special day.

2. Know That Great Skin Comes from Your Plate

Try to eliminate as many processed foods as possible at least two weeks before your big day. The truth is, your skin is the mirror of your eating habits. A lot of nutritionists agree that eating three servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables daily improves the health and look of the skin - just like cutting down foods filled with caffeine, sugar, red meats and greasy foods.

3. ...And the Amount of Water You Drink

A clear and beautiful skin is a hydrated one. That is why aside from washing your face with a good cleanser every day and every night before bed as a routine - you should also drink plenty of water and constantly be hydrated.

The truth is, drinking an adequate amount of water will ensure that your organisms properly digest, absorb, and even excretes the foods you eat - but also that your blood circulates everywhere throughout your body.

After all, our skin is 64% water - and will definitely thank you and glow in its natural light.

4. Invest in A Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer that Suits Your Skin Type

Once you learn your skin type, make sure to invest in the appropriate products for your skin. Our beauty expert, LaTonya suggests Limelight by Alcone's Dream Clean Cleanser for normal to oily or acne prone skin types and Calm Balm Moisturizer.For normal to dry skin types, she recommends Limelight by Alcone's Quench Cleanse Cleanser and Skin Therapist for moisture.

"I recommend LimeLight by Alcone because the products are phthalate free paraben free, chemical free, and cruelty-free," says LaTonya. "The products are proven to leave the skin healthy, refreshed, and ready for a flawless makeup application."

5. Buy an SPF 15+ Sunscreen for Daily Use

A sunscreen with no fragrance or oil is the best way to fight the overly tanned (or red) skin on your wedding day, especially if it is set out in a tropical location. All you need to do is get a sunscreen from a reputable brand that once again tailors to your skin type, blocks the UV rays and prevents skin damage and cancer.

6. Use an Eye Cream with a Light Diffuser

Eye circles are one of the worst enemies of brides all around the globe. The worst thing about them is the fact that they are hereditary - which means that the only way to reduce their appearance before your wedding is with makeup. Make sure to start with an eye cream that has light diffusers and would reflect light to make the eye look brighter. Then, use concealer only on the dark spots and always use one that matches your skin tone and type.

7. Get to Know What Kind of Makeup Helps Your Skin Type

Make sure to get a good idea of the best makeup styles for your big day - and see which one of them is best for accenting the natural side of your skin. After all, weddings include a lot of dancing and a lot of hours spent in a single location - so make sure to choose a makeup style that is able to handle this routine.

So, are you ready to start your bridal skin routine? We would love to schedule a consultation with you. Book your bridal trial with Elite Secrets today. Our team of experts is waiting to service you.