All the blogs and magazines share tips for looking flawless on your wedding day but rarely do we talk about how to feel great on your big day…especially when you’re wearing a beaded gown with layered of tulle and tons of hairspray. To ensure you’re as comfortable as you are beautiful, take LaTonya’s tips for enjoying your day with fidgeting or readjusting a thing.

Bypass too-tight shapewear

Squeezing yourself in shapewear that is too small is not worth the agony…seriously. Yes, you will cinch in an inch or two, but you won’t be able to sit, eat or (most importantly) dance comfortably. Besides, you’ll look gorgeous without it and feel much, much better.

Save the lingerie for your honeymoon

While it might seem sweet to wear sexy lingerie under your gown, it may not be worth the discomfort—especially if you’re getting married during the summer. Plus, after dancing and just general wear, you’ll likely want to change into something fresh before your wedding night officially gets under way.

Unzip when you can


If you’re wearing a corset top dress, have someone undo your dress for the ride to the ceremony, especially if you have a long trip. You’ll likely be nervous and sweating more than usual anyway so being all zipped up into your dress might get uncomfortable. Have your maid of honor or stylist help you secure your dress before you walk down the aisle.

Bring a cover up

If there’s even a chance of a breeze or low temperatures, make sure you have something that you can wrap yourself up in. You don’t want to shiver during your pictures (they always take longer than you think!) or at the end of the night when you’ll want to continue visiting with guests in the night air. Bring along a wrap or a cute shawl to wear over your wedding dress.

Pack a backup pair of shoes

Even if your shoes are comfortable, standing in heels all day will take its toll on anybody. Bring a pair of comfortable flats or slippers so you can swap out your heels when needed. By the time your reception comes around you will thank me.

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