With all the things to consider for a destination wedding, worrying about transporting your wedding dress shouldn’t add to your stress.

First, remember that you’re not the first bride to travel to her wedding with her dress in tow. And, lucky for you our wedding dress expert, LaTonya, owner of Elite Secrets Bridal is here to help.

A simple but costly option would be to buy an extra ticket for your gown. You can ensure your dress will make it to your destination in mint condition if it’s resting in the seat next to you. The bonus is you’re almost guaranteed an aisle or window seat.

If purchasing a ticket is not an option for you, keep reading for LaTonya’s tips for traveling with your special garment.



  • Check the airline’s guidelines for wedding dress policies or carry-on rules. Some large air carriers will have policies in place for traveling with wedding gowns. Here are links to some of the popular airlines:






  • Scope out the plane ahead of your flight for closets or large overhead bins. Seatguru.com will give you an opportunity to view the plane’s layout before your departure date. Check out your carrier to determine if there’s space to hang or store your dress. Some airlines have closets for first-class passenger and pilots—even if you don’t have a first-class ticket, some attendants will allow you to store your dress if space is available.

    Arrive early to make arrangements with the gate agent before boarding begins to increase your chances of securing closet space.



With all the fabric and possibly a train, packing a wedding dress can be a daunting task. There are two options for packing your wedding garment: in a carry-on suitcase or in a garment bag.

  • If you opt for the garment bag, there’s a sure way to hang your dress correctly and avoid getting wrinkles during the flight. First, insert the hanger of the dress into the top of the garment bag and hang it up high so you can gather the dress. Then, take the right side of the gown and the left side of the dress and fold them toward the center. Be sure to have a thick bag to avoid punctures from other items in the overhead compartment.

  • If you prefer to use a suitcase, make sure your dress has its own bag. Your wedding dress should be far away from anything that could stain it. It’s best to store toiletries, shoes, and makeup in a separate piece of luggage. 

It’s essential to turn your dress inside out before packing. Turning your dress inside out protects the garment in case anything spills inside of your suitcase. 

When you’re ready, lay the dress out flat on the bed or clean floor. Fold the left and right sides of the skirt into the center. Then, roll the gown, keeping as much air as possible between the layers and of the dress to prevents wrinkles.

Place the rolled dress in a large plastic dry-cleaning bag. Next, tie off the ends of the bag, creating an air pocket around the dress. Place the dress in your suitcase.

  • Pack a portable steamer. Although our tips will help minimize wrinkles, we can’t promise that your beautiful gown will be wrinkle-free when you land. Packing a portable steamer will help in the event the worst occurs. Some hotels have steamers, but why take a risk when you can pack your own.

    To guard against water spots from the steam, place a towel or a cotton sock over the head of your steamer before you begin to steam your dress.

Now you know everything about how to fly with a wedding dress! Still looking to say yes to the dress? Join us for our Allure Bridal Trunk Show this weekend (Sept. 13-15th) and save 10% off your dream dress. Book your appointment here.