Every bride wants her bride tribe to look fierce on her wedding day, from the perfect hair to flawless makeup. To ensure there’s a uniform look she may book hair and makeup for her bridesmaids. The cohesive beauty makes for amazing photos and memorable girl-time before the soon-to-be Mrs.’ trip down the aisle.


Although, whether the bride picks up the tab for her bridal party’s hair and makeup is an individual decision, it is not a guaranteed one. If the bridesmaids are responsible for beauty services, what happens when one doesn't have the resources to pay for hair and makeup? Should she do her hair and makeup, or should you cover the costs? Our bridal beauty expert, LaTonya Turnage, weighs in.


If you want your bridesmaids to have professional hair and makeup looks, it should be discussed in the early stages of the wedding planning process. Even though it may not be understood, there are some financial costs associated with bridesmaid’s responsibilities, so if she can't do the hair and makeup, it's important to be honest upfront.


However, if one of your girls can't afford to get her hair and makeup done, it'd be a generous gesture to help her out. In this case, it may be best to chip in privately. It's not a rule, but it's the right thing to do. It's an honor to be a bridesmaid, but the bride should know there are different levels of financial responsibility.


Common courtesy also suggests that if you require hair and makeup for all of your bridesmaids, the payment for said services should come out of your pocket. If the choice is left to each bridesmaid, you are by no means obligated to pay. By the same reasoning, if your bridesmaid doesn't want to have her makeup done, there is no need to push the issue. However, leaving one member of the group out of the bonding beauty session is not an incredibly gracious way to treat a friend. And, you risk the bridesmaid doing her hair and makeup herself, which could potentially clash with the others. To remedy this situation, offer to pay a portion of her hair and makeup expense. If your economics are such that you can manage to foot the bill for all of your bridesmaids, you may want to do so. At Elite Secrets, we provide discounts for large groups, so you may be able to secure a deal while pleasing every member of your wedding party.

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