Talk about squiggle brows has dominated social media, blogs, and beauty news everywhere. The beauty community has posted their take on the trend all over Instagram, and mainstream media has picked up on the craze.

So, what are squiggle brows? Makeup artists create the look by shaping the eyebrows into a squiggle shape with washable glue. No hairs are actually plucked, which means the brows can be coaxed back to its natural state. But, is this trend appropriate for everybody?

Our beauty expert, LaTonya Turnage, owner of Elite Secrets weighs in.

"Your eyebrows should frame your face and work hand and hand with your eye shape to enhance your facial features. When you deviate from the natural structure it breaks the original shaping and draws attention from all the other striking features," she explains. "Squiggle brows may be great for theatrical makeup or for the girl looking for a daring, bold look, but it's not for the everyday beauty."

"The way a beautiful picture can enhance an image, your eyebrows can frame and enhance your face," says Turnage.

She recommends a few simple tips to nail the perfect brow for your facial form.

  • Follow the natural arch of your eye and resist creating a different shape.
  • Use the appropriate shade of eyeshadow to fill them in and ensure a more natural finish...when in doubt, follow the hair color.
  • Properly grooming your brows help and cut time spent on perfecting the full eyeshadow look.
  • Invest in a good brow gel, (for unruly brows) or brow pencil. These tools are perfect for adding instant definition to the brows.
  • Set the brows with a brow powder for a less waxy look and a more natural appearance.
  • Use short feathered strokes to fill in the brows and avoid a harsh, overbearing look.
  • For more dramatic look, use products such as pomade for a clean, dramatic look.

Some of LaTonya favorite beauty products for eyebrows: 

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