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Hair and Makeup Workshop

Makeup & Skin Care
• Make-up – choosing the correct make-up products and most flattering colors
• Make-up – every-day and special occasion make-up techniques
• Skin care – cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, dealing with acne, and sun protection
• How to GLOW without Makeup
• School Ball Makeup on a Budget

• Hair care – how to take care of hair and manage specific hair concerns
• What products are good for you Hair type
• Hair styling – blow-drying, curling and braiding techniques, how to do up-styles and wavy styles
Styling your Hair in 5 mins.
• School Events Hair styles on a Budget.

Self Esteem
• Inner Beauty
• Body Image
• What to wear for a job interview
• How to dress on a Budget the clever way and having fun doing it.
These are topics that all teenagers should know about and there is no age that is too early to start learning about these fundamental lessons. We love it when we can share our knowledge with Teens.