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Beauty Expert and Entrepreneur turns Author: LaTonya Tells All About Her New Book

Beauty Expert and Entrepreneur turns Author: LaTonya Tells All About Her New Book

As you may already know, I’ll be speaking at MINT Conference this week. The MINT Conference is a two-day intensive powered by Brown Girls with a Camera, a group of professional photographers. The conference on all things related to the business of photography aims to celebrate, inform, collaborate and bring together photographers and videographers of color. The MINT Conference offers multiple sessions packed with experts of all kinds to share their knowledge, experience, and recommendations on the business side of photography.

So, I can imagine that you must be thinking what does a beauty expert need to say to a room full of photographers?

Great question.

I’ll be sharing advice on how photographers can level up in their business by partnering with beauty professionals. When it comes to getting quality images—the ones that get you published and get you the clients willing to pay top dollar to work with you—you need to get a beauty team on board. We share all the tips for meeting, vetting, and establishing a professional working relationship with beauty professionals from the moment you sign an agreement. Yes, you need an agreement…And, we cover the appropriate contracts and forms needed, too.

Sounds interesting, but you can’t make the MINT Conference? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered!

I’ve compiled all the must-know tips, forms, and template into my new book, HOW TO BUILD YOUR DREAM TEAM: A GUIDE FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS.

As a beauty expert, I work with tons of well-renowned photographers. And, as a mentor to budding beauty pros, I instill in my mentees the importance of having professional relationships with photographers. I've established a process in my own business for working with photographers in a way that is consistent and professional and gives the clients an elevated, high-end experience each time.


  •  Instant access to the digital download
  • Tips and templates to personalize and enhance your relationship with beauty pros in less than a minute, giving you a consistent 1-on-1 relationship, including:
    • How to know what you need in a beauty partner
    • Tips for vetting the beauty professional properly
    • My Checklist for all the items you need to ensure they are the right beauty pro for you
    • The Standard Agreement Template--no matter the type of pro, this template works for them all
    • A Model Release Form
    • My customizable SOP, so you have something to send when a project's a fit