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How to Prep for your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial


How to Prep for your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial


We've all been there - experiencing makeup disasters and hair failures. However, when it comes to the most special day in your life, things like these should never happen. That is why more and more brides choose professional Baltimore bridal makeup services for their wedding and make the most of their bridal looks. The truth is, only a professional Baltimore wedding makeup artist can give you the look you want without any possibility for a disaster while the clock is ticking. As a bride, it is up to you to relax and unwind - until the clock ticks and the time of your wedding comes.

Still, choosing professional wedding makeup in Baltimore is not an easy mission. In other words, it is important for every bride to...

1. Plan Things Ahead

Coming to your hair and makeup trial prepared will help you ace the look from the start. The more inspiration you pick up from the online Pinterest boards, magazines, and TV shows, the better your trial will be. The best way to be prepared is to have a rough idea of the dress, your hairstyle, and makeup - and communicate it clearly with us.

2. Your Wedding Dress Comes First On The Shopping List

There is a big reason why you should purchase your wedding dress first. According to wedding makeup and hair experts, the entire look should revolve around your dress. Your hair and makeup should balance its style, length and level of details and always comply with it. That is why it is important to buy your dress first and bring a photo of it to the trial!

3. Wear A White T-Shirt On Your Trial

A crisp white T-shirt (or a color that resembles the color of your wedding dress) is a great way to get a better idea of how your hair and makeup will work with your dress. You can also cut the neckline to match your wedding gown and see if everything fits perfectly as you imagined.

Not only this will give you a better idea of your wedding look, it will also help you choose the perfect bridal makeup and hair choice and whether they match the white color on your body.

4. Schedule A Long Enough Appointment

Your Baltimore bridal makeup appointment should be long enough, especially because of the different styles you may want to test out. After all, it is your wedding hair and makeup that we are talking about - and such things definitely deserve special attention.

1e7a55825. Go Clean Before The Trial

For the makeup trial, it is always better to come clean and avoid putting on any products before the trial. A clean face holds makeup better and will let us make the look perfectly match the color of your natural skin without makeup.

6. Take Notes

As soon as you book your wedding makeup and arrive at your appointment, you should start taking notes on how to touch up your look during the day- so you know how to fix any smudges in case they happen during the ceremony or afterward. At Elite Secrets we give every bride a touchup kit with all the items needed to keep your glowing look throughout the Big Day

7. Go Camera Crazy

Once your bridal makeup and hair are done, it's time to start snapping photos and taking them from different angles. Make sure to also switch the backgrounds and test photos in both daylight and nighttime. That way, you will have a better idea of your look in every minute during your wedding.

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