Your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life, so it’s only fair that you would want to make sure your bridal look is just right. With so many fashion and beauty trends on social media, magazines, and blogs, it’s tempting to get caught up in the hype and want to experiment for your Big Day. But trust us — you don’t want to look back at your photos and not recognize yourself. Before you head down the aisle, read on to find out what major snafus can happen, and LaTonya’s top tips on how to avoid them.


Not Testing Your Wedding Day Hair and Makeup: Surprisingly, many brides forgo a bridal hair and makeup trials to save time or cut costs, but that might not be the best plan in the long run. Scheduling a hair and makeup trial is always SO necessary before the wedding day. There are many benefits, but one of the biggest gains is saving time. You will not have the time to re-do your hair on your wedding day.

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Wearing a Makeup Look Completely Different from Your Normal Routine: Your wedding day is not the time to try new eye shadow tricks or heavy contouring if it isn’t part of your usual style strategy. Whether you wear a lot of makeup or no makeup on a daily basis, for the wedding day, you shouldn’t go with a look that is dramatically different from your routine. After all, you want your significant other to recognize you walking down the aisle. We suggest talking with your makeup artist about intensifying your everyday method and makeup look versus going with a look that is a total deviation from the norm.

Not Wearing a Robe While Getting Glam: There is a reason that hair and make-up artists suggest wearing a robe or button-up blouse while getting hair and makeup done, and that is because you can easily remove these garments without smudging your makeup or ruining your hair. It’s especially important if you won’t have someone at the wedding venue to do touch-ups.

Not Using Waterproof Mascara: Even if you’re sure you won’t cry at the altar, it’s always a great idea to have a backup plan in place. Weddings are emotional, and even if you aren’t anticipating waterworks, you may shed a few tears at some point. Do yourself a favor and wear waterproof mascara to avoid having black streaks run down your face or raccoon eyes. Also, consider keeping a fabric handkerchief on standby for simple touch ups in between tears.

Tanning Mishaps: Avoid tanning before your wedding day. Poor spray tans are hard to reverse and will be in all of your photos. There’s no turning back from that. If you plan to get a spray tan, do a trial well in advance of the wedding, so you have time to get your skin back to normal in case there are any mistakes.


Ordering a Dress in a Size Too Small: You may have goals of dropping a dress size or two before the wedding, but you should still plan to order a dress in your current size. If you lose the weight, good for you. You will most likely have many fittings with the seamstress to make alterations— so keep it realistic. On the other hand, if you don't loose the weight you will need to order extra fabric and have additional modifications.

Wearing Heels That Are Uncomfortable: Figure out what your feet can handle before the wedding. Far too often, brides will choose style over comfort, and that’s never a good idea. You will be on your feet for most of your day, so having comfortable shoes is a requirement. You do not want to be unable to make it down the aisle or share in your first dance because of uncomfortable shoes! We advise buying a chic pair of wedges or keeping a pair of simple satin flats on standby.


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