Are you frustrated how messy your makeup stash is sometimes? Do you want to throw it away and replace it with another one? The good thing is that you don't have to throw those things away. All you need to do instead is to take a deep breath and take a fresh look at your beauty bag. What is inside may look frustrating at first - but thanks to the steps we are outlining below - will definitely be easy to clean and re-organize.

'So, how to begin?' - you ask?

Step 1: Get Rid of All The Things You Don't Actually Need

Remember those worn-out lipsticks that have been in your purse for a long time? Or that brush that you rarely use and just got stiffer?

We know that sometimes getting rid of stuff is hard. However, replacing makeup every season is what every modern lady should do in order to always look good. And if you have products that you haven't used once over the past six months - you may need to watch out on your spending.

And if you cannot bear to throw things away, there is always that friend in need (that is a friend indeed).

Step 2: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

If your makeup brushes look good but need a thorough cleaning, it's time for you to give it to them. In most of the cases, makeup brushes are notorious for harboring bacteria and other things that make you puke.

The truth is, if you don't clean your brushes - they won't clean your face as much as you expect. The best way to do that is by using baby shampoo. Who knew, right?

Step 3: Start Organizing Your Makeup Stash

Now that you got rid of the things you don't need and cleaned your makeup brushes, it's time to get a bit more responsible about your makeup. After all, organizing your cosmetics in a drawer (or that fancy organizer you have been eyeing) is great because next season, you won't have to go through this process again.

In the end, spring cleaning your makeup stash should be just like cleaning your room. You ditch the things you don't need, clean it up - and get organized for the next season!