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It's finally January 2017! And you know what that means: the festivities are somehow not over yet, everyone is promising to get healthier this year, and you are working long days to get towards your resolutions!

And while you're goal-setting and planning your next big move, we would like to give you some helpful tips we believe everyone should be following throughout the new year.


01. Take your makeup off before you get into bed.

It's a horrible habit to get into, and while the bed might seem super cozy after a long work day, it's going to be worth it in the long run to take your makeup off before going to sleep. By doing so, you are eliminating any more bacteria from getting on your face, all the while helping control break outs. If you don't take off your makeup in the evening, and have noticed that your skin is breaking out and looks dull, try using a makeup remover & cleanser to clean your face!

02. Drink more water!

There's a reason why this is a cliche.....

Hint hint: It's because water is actually not only amazing for our body, but also for our skin.

Drinking more water helps clear your skin of acne, keep it hydrated (which is important for those dry ladies out there!), and helps prolong elasticity.

03. Clean your brushes often & properly!

This one is huge, people. As makeup artists, we are expected to keep a sanitary & clean kit at all times. And while that is true, everyone should be keeping their brushes & makeup tools clean.

Think about it: Your taking products and smearing, smudging, & rubbing them on your face. Repeatedly. Your mixing bacteria and face oils in with your products, and letting it sit on your brushes and build up.

This could also be a reason why you may have acne-prone skin, if you don't clean your tools accordingly.

Elite Secrets recommends that the every day lady (who's not a makeup artist, of course) wash their brushes once a week. Of course, feel free to clean more often if you find it suitable. It's encouraged! But a good time frame to wait if you're just starting out would be every week or 2.

Pro Tip: While we are on the topic of cleaning, make sure you wash your hands before applying makeup. This will also help control bacteria and acne!

04. Know when to throw out products.

Did you know that makeup has expiration dates? Yup. Your products go bad after a certain time-frame. It's almost cringe-worthy to think about if you're one to splurge on products. So try to pay attention to the lifespan of products you may have!


05. Develop a personalized skincare routine!

It's 2017, people, and everyone should have their own skincare products they use daily and nightly! Especially if you want your makeup to look flawless!

Determine whether or not your skin type is oily, dry, or combination and develop a routine of products based upon your type. A cleanser, toner, and moisturizer are all necessities for your daily & nightly routines. We also suggest finding a serum & moisturizer to incorporate weekly.


What are some of your beauty resolutions for the new year? We would love to hear in the comment section!

And as always, thanks for reading! -Kimberly Starr